Our Services

TLG Services provides decommissioning financial planning services to US and Canadian commercial nuclear units; for research reactors, industrial, and government facilities as well as for reactors in South Africa, Italy, and Japan, Sweden, UK, and to the IAEA for reactors in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Lithuania.

TLG’s experienced staff develops credible, well-documented and transparent decommissioning cost estimates for nuclear facilities (commercial, industrial, government and foreign-owned) and other facilities with remediation liabilities (e.g., fossil-fueled generating plants).

Nuclear Power

Over the past 38 years, TLG has provided decommissioning financial planning services in successful partnerships with US and Canadian commercial nuclear plants to deliver robust products that yield superior regulatory and audit outcomes. Services include:Decommissioning Cost Estimates and Planning Support for Reactors, Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installations, Radiological Site Remediation Expert Witness Testimony (written and oral) for ratemaking support and other legal and/or formal processes, Asset Retirement Obligations, Cost Escalations (Inflation, Year of Expenditure), Post Shutdown Decommissioning Activities Reports, Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation Decommissioning Reports, Initial Estimates for New Reactor Designs.


Fossil Power

From the East Coast to Alaska, TLG has provided decommissioning cost estimates for US utilities with large inventories of fossil stations including Coal, Oil and Natural Gas Generation. Services include: Comprehensive systems and structures inventory and costs, On-Site Walk-downs, Scrap inventory and recovery value, Expert Witness Testimony (written and oral) for rate case support and other formal processes.


Renewable Power

TLG has provided cost estimates and planning services for several Utilities and Research Centers with renewable power generating stations, including Wind, Solar, Hydro and Fuel Cell: Services include: Comprehensive material and structure inventory and costs, On-Site Walk-downs, Scrap inventory, Expert Witness Testimony (written and oral) for rate case support and other formal processes.



TLG has performed cost estimates, work breakdown structures and active decommissioning for Medical, Research, Industrial and Government facilities: Data Provided Incudes: Radiochemical and/or Radiopharmaceutical Production Facilities, Radiological Site Remediation, Research Reactors, Prototype/Design Cost Consulting, Regulatory Cost Consulting, Fusion Reactor Decommissioning Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Cost Estimate, Proprietary One-of-kind Estimates and Work Breakdown Structure Sequences for a number of U.S. Department of Energy and Department of Defense, and NASA facilities.